Mike and Carolyn smooching in the slums

Mike & Carolyn

  • The ceremony will take place at Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church

    The church is located at 2020 West Lake of the Isles Parkway, Minneapolis, MN.

    There will be plenty of off street parking on West Lake Street as well as 21st Street and Newton Ave S.

    Rich Phenow will be officiating.

  • The reception will take place at the Calhoun Beach Club

    Located at 2925 Dean Parkway, Minneapolis, MN

    Complimentary Valet parking will be available at the entrance.

  • The rehearsal dinner will take place at Pinstripes.

    Located at 3849 Gallagher Drive, Edina, MN

    Additional details for those attending will be sent in a formal invitation.

  • Friends and family can stay at the Westin in Edina.

    Located at 3201 Galleria, Edina, MN

    You can reserve a room at our group rate of $119 here by clicking the Book Now button (Note - this link isn't working in Chrome). Please book your room by September 19th to get the group rate.

    Shuttle transportation will be provided from the Westin to the Ceremony and Reception. Transportation will also leave from the Reception back to the Hotel two times throughout the evening.


We are registered at

About Us

We’ve known each other since middle school but it all started with holding hands at Cheapskate Rollergarden at a 9th grade birthday party - Carolyn formed a crush but Mike needed a little more time. Fast forward to a college house party sophomore year when we rekindled the original sparks from our former roller skating days, and the rest is history. We are so excited to celebrate our marriage with all of our Friends and Family. See you in October!

Wedding Party

  • Alli Euson, Maid of honor

    My first memories with Carolyn involve a lot of bullying. Soon after I was born, Carolyn requested that we get rid of me. Unfortunately that didn’t work for her, but it didn’t take long for the tables to turn 12 years later when my best friend Alex and I often locked Carolyn in the closet. After a few more battles in high school, Carolyn soon became my steady ground and a person I can’t imagine living without. Whether it’s venting after a stressful day, biking on the Greenway, attending her Cooking 101 class, traveling around Spain, or a Friday night happy hour tour, I love to be with Carolyn. I will miss her as I move off to Austin, TX, but know that we have a lifetime of fun ahead of us.
  • Kristina Redgrave

    Carolyn and I have known each other for almost 20 years. We first met when we were both living in Kentucky and were reunited at the skating rink in Minnesota -- we have been friends ever since! We have spent hours together forming our own nonprofit, going on adventures, cooking and eating new recipes, and as children reenacting American Girl Doll plays.

  • Kathryn Scharton

    Carolyn and I first met almost 15 years ago in 7th grade while taking downhill skiing lessons. At the time, I loved Carolyn's silliness and confidence and we became fast friends! Since then, we have grown even closer with many sleep overs, cooking lessons, ladies' nights, and travels punctuating our friendship. I can't wait for Carolyn and Mike's big day!

  • Christine Duquette

    It would be impossible to sum up my relationship with Carolyn into 3 sentences but I will try. I really got to know Carolyn when we were both boy magnets in the same ski club during middle school. Since then I lived with CC for three years after college and became even closer. Even though I currently live in Philadelphia I know we will be close friends for life. I feel so fortunate to be a part of Mike and Carolyn's big day.

  • Amanda Stoermer

    I first met Eus, 8 years ago, on the first day of our freshman year at DePauw University. Our rooms were directly next to each other and we had so much fun together that we decided to be roommates our sophomore year. Some of my favorite memories with Carolyn include learning to navigate frat parties together, her AXΩ initiation, random dance parties in our room, her visiting me in Spain and my visits to see her in MN. I loved witnessing the very beginning of Carolyn & Mike’s relationship when they would write to each other long distance and now I can’t wait to be there as they exchange their wedding vows!

  • Jeff Frawley, Best Man

    I'm honored to say that I've known Mike the longest, back to when we were kids studying Mortal Kombat moves in a backyard tent and filming homemade movies using mannequins with exploding balloon heads. I'm happy to report that my brother's still just as weird and imaginative now as he was back then--plus now he has the most trustworthy beer recommendations. I currently live in Budapest, Hungary, and although he and I have lived in different places in recent years, I'm always so excited to see how awesome of a life he leads in Minnesota. In recent years we've enjoyed trips to Korea and New Zealand together, as well as great times at the cabin. I can't wait to be a part of his and Carolyn's wedding.

  • Reed Putnam

    Let me first start off by saying how much I adore Mike and Carolyn. They are great human beings and I am lucky to call them my friends. I first met Mike during 7th grade summer. We both had won trips to space camp down in Texas. Mike and I were paired up in a flight simulator machine and the rest is history!

  • Drew Smith

    Mike has been a close friend to me since we first met about 15 years ago. I have a lot of great memories with Mike: from being geeks in high school, going to cabbies, weekly pizza and beer outings, to karaoke in Tokyo. I remember Mike and Carolyn's initial crush in middle school and I was roommates with Mike during the rekindling in college. I love both Mike and Carolyn and I know how happy they are together. I'm honored to be part of their wedding.

  • Justin Chase

    I originally met Mike through mutual friends during his time at the UofM. Mike and I both share a love of computers, games and beer and we have spent many occasions enjoying all 3. I am not originally from Minnesota but I have been living here for 16 years and when I first moved from Duluth to the Twin Cities, along with my wife Brittney, Mike was among some of the first friends I made. Mike and Carolyn both came to our wedding a couple of years ago and I'm glad to now be going to theirs as well. I hope to see Mike at some beer festivals, paintball fields and the zombie pub crawl this year!

  • Steve Duquette

    I met Mike in 6th grade. We've been great friends ever since. Did a lot of goofy things as kids, from German club and starting our own band (HAT) to having an awesome time up north on the lake. Mike and Carolyn have been amazing friends to me and my (new) wife Christine and I'm certain they will be for many years to come!